Thursday, October 24, 2013

Text Features

Fantastic Text Features...Thanks to Jordan over at "Life Is Better Messy Anyway".

My students are working hard preparing for the big WKCE test in November.  One big focus is nonfiction text.  I found this lesson extremely important in teaching the different features that can be found, and how the features can help you.  We discussed what a text feature is and then the students looked for them in magazines.  I allowed students to work alone or with a partner to create a Text Feature poster.  Check out the results:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Author Visit

I have always dreamed of becoming an author... someday! So, when I heard Katie Mcky was coming to visit our school I was overjoyed.  If you have not heard of her, she is the wonderful author of the story Pumpkin Town... a story that I have read yearly, to my Kinders and Firsties. Katie Mcky didn't just spend a day with us, she has been spending the whole week.  On Monday we had an all school assembly (amazingly funny and engaging).  Then, the rest of the week has been spent on a one hour writing experience with her and each class individually.  I must say, my students were EXTREMELY engaged. I would highly recommend having her for a school visit, if possible.  She had everything from tents, spray bottles, dusters, and even LEAF BLOWERS.  I shouldn't say why and ruin the fun... 
If you are interested in her, check out her website    :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Onomatopoeia Oh My & What Does A Fox Say

Ok, anyone elses class OBSESSED with "What Does A Fox Say?"  Well... mine are.  And somehow it became popular right as we were learning about Onomatopoeia. Woohooo!! I LOVE when things fall into place with that.  After discussing what an onomatopoeia is, and doing some activities, we watched/listened to their "Favorite" song.  To make it purposeful, students recorded all of the sounds/onomatopoeia's from the song. I did stop it before the Guaridan Angel part though, as I didn't want to step on any "religious toes"...always cautious with that. 

Living a CoLoRfUl life

Life is what you make it, so why not have some fun?!  Just a few fall photos of what this teacher has been up to outside of the classroom...

We had an incredible time running/jogging/walking the Color Run.  After being on crutches at the beginning of the school year, and having to take a month off of my active lifestyle (due to a horrible sprain), I AM BACK!  Feels good to be "jogging" and playing volleyball again. I would recommend the Color Run to ANYONE.  I could have stayed for hours just jamming out to their music, throwing some color, and taking it all in! Simply AMAZING!

And, who doesn't LOVE fall.  Carving pumpkins, the smell of pumpkin seeds baking, a warm coffee in your hand, boots, scarves, .... I think I could keep going on.  
I decided to carve a picture of what I look like at the end of the day... haha, kidding!!  I am proud of this mouth, but need some work on the eyes... hmmm, time to think about next years pumpkin. ;)
Have a great fall!  ENJOY <3

Friday, October 4, 2013

New Beginning... A little behind...

As stated back in July, I was extremely lucky to be offered a wonderful position at a school right down the road from where I was.  As hard as it was to leave my adorable Kinders/Firsties behind, this school offers so much. Here are some before and after pics of my huge transition from K/1 to 5th a little behind on posting these).  It has been quite the learning experience... and although I am still figuring things out, I am having a blast doing it!


And After/Now...

Have a fantastic weekend! ENJOY :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Improper Fractions

I know, I know.... this goes against blogging rules (one post per day), but I COULDN'T WAIT to share this video too.  The students created either a song, poem, story, or rap about how to convert an improper fraction into a mixed number! They are all great... but, here is an example.... ENJOY :)

My new class.. and some music.

I have to say... I was SCARED for my first day in 5th Grade, especially after 6 years of K and 1st. But, these kiddos are AMAZING! They have a huge passion for learning and really look out for one another. 

The students were having a hard time remembering how to convert Mixed Numbers into improper fractions so I had them create songs... here are a few...ENJOY :)