Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Christmas Gift?!

Do you ever take pictures to share and completely forget about them?  Well, that of course happens to me all the time haha.  I am WAY behind on this one..

but I will share it anyway so I don't forget. Merry March Christmas I guess... ;)

Here is a Christmas Gift we did for our parents.  I had bought bulbs at the $ Tree (obsession)... then the students looked through magazines and found adjectives, or words that describe either them or their family.  Here is my example.  ENJOY!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Favorite Day?

Do you have a day that you reallllly look forward to celebrating with your students? Mine has always been Wacky Wednesday.  I enjoy showing the students just how "out there" I can be.  They always seem amazed that I dressed up with them... why wouldn't I? Its just another excuse to be a kid again!  SO fun!

I mean come on... you know those leggings are AMAZING! Haha... couldn't pass up the deal at TJ MAX, I bought them specifically for this day! :) ENJOY!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Laughing Therapy!?!

Last week I attended a "New Teacher Training" on laughter and how important it is.  Did you know that children laugh about 120 times a day and adults only 17?!  That was extremely sad to me.  We discussed laughing therapy and came across this video.  I tried this one with the students and it instantly became a favorite.  I mean, who wouldn't laugh watching 22 wonderful 5th Graders trying this!! :)  Enjoy!