Friday, August 12, 2011

Compound Word Egg Hunt

This activity had the students engaged and having fun!! I wrote compound words on those cute little plastic Easter eggs, then broke all of the eggs apart.  While the students were in one of their Specials I went outside and scattered the egg pieces all over the playground.  They then had to try and create as many compound words as they could. 

Once the students created a word, they had me check it, had to write the word in chalk, then place that egg in the basket.  SO MUCH FUN!  Towards the end of the activity you could see them start to work together to create the remaining words.

*Buy the eggs after Easter!  Target had a bag of 48 of them on sale for about 35 cents.  Less than a penny a piece, AMAZING! Can't wait to buy more this next year!!  :)

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