Friday, July 22, 2011

Too Cool For School Linky-Party

Another wonderful linky party...I think I am addicted! Stop by to check out some great ideas and time savers!

Tattle Bear/Tattle Box~

My linky party idea is a time saver in some sorts.  There are many times through out a day where students will come and tattle on the smallest things... so I have either a tattle bear (whom they can whisper their tattles to) or a tattle box where they write down their tattles (YAY, it incorporates writing) and place it in the box for me to read.  Of course, you do need to go over what a tattle is and how if it is something important then they really do need to tell the teacher. For the tattle box, I gave each student a small note pad to keep in their desk... this way instead of all running up to me to tell me their tattle, they settle into their desk and quietly write it down which is less distracting.

As always... ENJOY!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I love your tip! So cool!

    I Love 2 Teach