Friday, July 22, 2011

Post-It Linky Party

There are endless ways to use Post-Its within a classroom... one of my favorites is for board relays (it's great because it gets the students moving).  You split the chalkboard/whiteboard up into sections and split the class up into groups.  Give each group one stack of Post-Its.  They line up in a row, the first person has the Post-Its and writes their answer then places is on the board in their section... they then hand off the Post-Its to their next teammate. They can either keep going until everyone has gone, or you can put a time limit on it, its up to you.  This can be used for any subject... for example one time I used it was for word families.  So I might say, "List as many -et words as you can."
, then they would race to try and Post the most. Other ideas could be: posting animals for certain habitats, counting by 5's or 10's and having the next person Post the next number, posting characteristics of a specific character, listing nouns, etc.  The possibilities are endless...and the students LOVE to race! :)

Come check out some wonderful ways to use Post-Its within the classroom, join the party!

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! Thanks for joining my post-it party!!!