Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hi All,

The Kindergarten teacher and I are in charge of the schools Student Council this year since the previous leader found a job else where.  We usually hold a "Fun Day" the Friday after our Christmas Concert,  it usually lasts an hour.  In the past the typical All School Movie, All School Carnival, and All School Relay Races (team games) have been done... A LOT!  I like being different... so I was hoping to try and come up with something new, it just seems like the students on Student Council are stuck in the past and have a hard time coming up with something "outside of the box".  I want to show them that there are other options out there... so that is where you come in... Any ideas on an all school activity?  Please remember, we are in Wisconsin and it is starting to get cold about now... so it usually takes place in the Gym.

**I don't have a whole lot of followers yet... so if you could link this to your site so that others might click it and respond/help as well that would be AMAZING!!

  Thanks for your time, cant wait to hear all of your ideas.


  1. I have given your blog the Liebester Award!

  2. We've made up a Minute to Win It version at our school and it is a huge hit! We've also done cup stacking races and the kids like that too!

  3. Thanks Amanda! And Wendy, We were looking at doing that through out the year! DId you do just your class, whole school, etc? We were thinking maybe each class/group would send up a participant to try and compete? Not sure yet, a few things to figure/work out! :)

  4. Our school has 2 classes at each grade level and we did one grade level at a time. It was kind of a competion between the two classes at each grade level!