Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Classroom Managment Tool

Are you sick and tired of students shouting out they are finished?  Or students who shout your name out instead of raising their hand?  I have used this tool for the last few years... and it really helps keep your sanity haha.  All you need for each student is one red cup and one green cup.  This can be found at the dollar tree.  When students come in all of their cups are green (good).  As the day goes on if they finish an activity or if the have a question/need help they turn their cup to red.  We discuss what activities they can do while they are waiting with their cups on red (something as simple as reading our of their book bin).  It is a great visual. 

We have even used them during tests.  As we go through the test once they finish the question they are on they flip it to red... then the next question after i read it once they finish they flip it to green etc. There are many possibilities.  It helps A TON!!!!  ENJOY!!!

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