Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Even & Odd Street

 I saw this great idea on Pinterest, and with the help of our wonderful Kindergarten class we worked together to create our Even & Odd Street!  This was used as a Social Studies and Math lesson for First Grade.  **On Pinterest they were flat houses, but we wanted to add some dimension.

Math:  We worked with shapes on the first day of this lesson to build houses (Even houses have normal shapes, Odd houses look odd/crazy). Shapes was a great lesson for Kindergarten, while being a great review for First Grade.  To build the house we stuffed lunch bags then glued the shapes/materials on to it.  This gave it a great 3D look.  We gave each house an "address" either an odd or even number to match the type of house it was.

On the second day we grouped them into even and odd houses, then we placed the houses in order according to the number it was given. 

Social Studies: We have been talking about community within S.S.  We wrapped this around the idea of building a community, we talked about how each street has an even and an odd side, then we did some work with their own addresses. 

**I did see this referenced on as well, she also found it on Pinterest.  She does have some blackline masters you can download for flat houses if you want.  We did not use them, because we wanted to houses to stick out when taped/glued to the street.


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