Thursday, January 24, 2013

Arctic Freeze

I have been so bad at updating this blog... I PROMISE I am working on it!!!  Since are temperatures are extremely cold, I felt this would be the appropriate time to upload all of the arctic projects we have been working on.  We just had our "Peeking Penguin Night", this was a night for prospective families to come and take a "peek" at our Kindergarten and Preschool classes.  So, my Kinders were hard at work decorating for penguin night.

We started our Arctic Unit by
discussing proper  "Winter Wear".
During this time many of the classic
 mitten stories were read. So of course
we needed to see if they are "Smitten for
a Mitten, or if they Love the Glove".  
Students created Polar Bear Paintings. 
OF COURSE we had to spend a
week learning about penguins.  

Igloos out of packing peanuts...
we all know how those can add up quickly.
This was great for fine motor. 
One of their favorite projects was creating a Walrus.
 I saw this idea online a while back .
They LOVED using a variety of materials:
plate, bowl, spoons, toothpicks  foam, etc. 

A sneak peak at our winter scene.
The large penguin is the actual size
of an Emperor. Students were able to go
and measure themselves against him.
There was also a Fairy Penguin
(the smallest) to the right.

And, one last peak at their wonderful art.  <3

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